The list of projects completed in the last 25 Years is very substantial and includes a range of historic buildings, museums, train stations, pipe lines, bridges, cars, yachts and others. Detailed below is a small selection of some of them. 

PeelAway® has been tested by the following institutions:

  • The Paint and Research Association, London
  • The National Preservation Institute Washington
  • Columbia University, Department of Architecture, New York
  • The Auckland Institute and Museum, New Zealand

Further PeelAway® has been used in cooperation with the following bodies:

  • English Heritage 
  • National Trust, UK
  • Building Conservation Trust


Ceiling rose

Royal Naval College, Greenwich, UK

The Royal Naval College is a 17th century building; during the renovation process the complex ceiling has been restored using PeelAway®. As you can see in the pictures, PeelAway® has worked its way into the finest, most intricate corners and removed the layers of different paint without any problem.

Guggenheim Museum

Guggenheim Museum, New York, USA

The external coating of the Guggenheim Museum was deteriorating badly. PeelAway® successfully used in order to completely remove the entire flaking exterior.


"Harry Potter" Bridge London Kings Cross

PeelAway® was used to remove lead based paint.

Royal Princess

Royal Princes Auftragen

Royal Princess, Athens, Greece

Due to a fire in the engine room the marine coating had to be removed.

British Museum

British Museum, London, UK

The cast iron railings in front of the British Museum have been painted many times over the years and PeelAway® was used to remove all of the layers of paint, revealing the amazing detail and helping to restore their original beauty.


Royal Hospital Chelsea, London

The Royal Hospital Chelsea was built in 1692 by King Charles II in order to care for war veterans. It is a Grade 1 listed building; PeelAway® has been used to restore some of the 300 year old wood carvings.




Tivoli Brewery Building, Denver, Collorado, USA

TheTivoli Brewery Building was completed in 1859. In 1937 it was painted for the first time and many more times over the subsequent years. In 1994 it was decided to restore the building to its original beauty and the whole facade was stripped using PeelAway®. The Tivoli Building is now a prestigious part of the Auraria Campus.


... It is the same building


Boote und Jachten

PeelAway® has been used for the removal of antifouling coatings and varnishes on countless boats and Yachts. A clean solution that does not affect neighbouring Yachts.

Bridge before

Bridge Clean


In comparison to sandblasting scaffolding costs can be reduced. Removed coatings can be disposed of safely and do not affect the environment by using PeelAway®.

Pipeline Covered

Pipeline Removal

Pipelines and Large Scale Tubes

PeelAway® is ideal for large scale projects. Never seen application efficiancy can be achieved by using airless systems and the jetwash system.

Advert Removal Spray on

Advert Removal


PeelAway® removes printed canvases easily and safely.