Paint Removal System

Removes almost any type of paint and coating. Advantages: Peel Away 7® is much safer and more user friendly than Peel Away 1® as it is non caustic and doesn't burn the skin in the event of accidental contact. Peel Away 7® does not require neutralising and can be repainted within a few hours. Peel Away 7® can be mixed with up to 20% Water. Dwell Time: 10 Min - 48 Hrs.

Package sizes available:
10kg (including 10sqm of Blanket)
4kg (including 4sqm of Blanket)
750g (including 1sqm of Blanket)
150g Testing Tub

Peel Away 7® should not be used on certain plastics such as polycarbonates and perspex


PA 4kg


Paint Removal Systerm

Peel Away 1® is a high pH product, so it can penetrate and react with the oil/lead content of multi-layers of older coatings, this means that the stripped surface should be neutralised with a weak solution of acetic acid (supplied with the packs) and left to dry thoroughly before repainting. However, if a good quality alkaline resistant acrylic sealer is specified prior to repainting, or if the surface is not to be repainted, the pH or moisture content of the surface is not so critical. Peel Away 1® should not be used on gesso (a form of putty) mouldings sometimes used on apparently carved fireplace surrounds. Peel Away 1® should not be used to remove paint from  veneers, plywoods or aluminium and may discolour certain hardwoods. Peel Away 7® is recommended for such surfaces.

Package sizes available:
15kg (including 10sqm of Blanket)
5kg (including 5sqm of Blanket)
150g Testing Tub


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PeelAway® Poultice Blankets

Packages of 10 sqm of Blanket can be ordered additionally, please note that every pack comes with a supply of blankets.