Poultice Method

The Poultice Method protects PeelAway from drying out and the active time of the product is subsequently extended. It works its way through up to 32 layers of paint and is able to reach into the most intricate corners. PeelAway substantiates its strengths on the more complicated surfaces and is perfect for use on old covings and other equally detailed structures. The Poultice also ensures that the lead particles present in lead based paints will not be released into the environment but absorbed into the paste and subsequently made more safely disposable.


Step 1:
PeelAway is applied and covered with the PeelAway Blanket. The Blanket delays the drying process and subsequently extends the active time of the PeelAway.

KROK 2 Step 2:
During its active time PeelAway works its way through up to 32* layers of paint.
KROK 3 Step 3 :
Once PeelAway has successfully permeated all of the required layers they can be easily removed with the help of a spatula. The surface does not have to be neutralised** and is now ready for new coatings after it has been simply cleaned with water.

* depending on type and thickness of coating

** only PeelAway7