Planning and Preparation:

Test Patch/ Calculating Amounts:


1.     Before you start the project it is important to apply a test patch. It should measure approximately 10cm x 10cm and start from a thickness of 0.3mm increasing to 3.0mm.

2.     PeelAway can be applied by brush, spatula, trowel or Airless System.

3.     If you are using an Airless System for spraying PeelAway you may add up to 20% of water but you should check the implications this might have on your project during the test patch.

4.     Cover the test patch with the patented PeelAway blanket.  PeelAway could theoretically be used without the blanket, but we strongly recommend its use because it undeniably improves the potency and effectiveness of the product including the efficient disposal of stripped materials.

5.     Periodically check the removal progress and subsequently determine the time and necessary thickness of application. The amount of PeelAway needed for a project depends on type, thickness of paint and temperature at the time of removal. However, as a rule of thumb 1Kg of PeelAway covers 1m2   and 1mm thickness.


Once the test patch is complete and the necessary calculations have been made then prior to application you will need to;


1.     Protect the surrounding areas like floors and walls with dust sheets or similar.

2.     Stir PeelAway well before application.

3.     If you are using an Airless System for spraying PeelAway we advise you to check with the manufacturer of the machinery if the use might have any impact on the machine( in some cases you might have to change the washers).



Cover the PeelAway with the PeelAway blanket after you have evenly spread the product. Make sure you do not press too hard and subsequently thin out the PeelAway. (You might consider taping the blanket to the surface depending on weather conditions, when applying externally).

Leave the PeelAway for as long as you have determined during the test patch application (approximately 30min-48h). Please allow for temperature variations and check again before complete removal.

When you are happy with the results you can remove the PeelAway and the paint by using a spatula. If you are executing larger scale projects the use of a Storch Kracke will save you time as well as collecting and containing the residue for convenient disposal.

You can clean the surface with water or a jet wash. (PeelAway 1 must be neutralised before final cleaning).