PeelAway® the Original!

If its not called PeelAway® it isn't PeelAway®, dont trust any copies.

Stone Industrie Instalation Boat

PeelAway® removes 90% of all types of coatings

PeelAway7® paint remover is the latest environmetally friendly formulation within the PeelAway® product family. It is free of methelynchloride and subsequently very safe to use.

PeelAway® products remove up to 32 coats of paint in one application and are Ideal to remove emulsion and dispersion paints, household paints, polyurethane coatings, shellac, epoxy coatings, acrylic, 2 component paints, powder coatings, glazes, marine coatings, taar oil combinations, lead based paint, graffiti, industrial coatings, fire protection coating and wax staining from facades (facade), windows, brick walls, sandstone, lime stone, steel, copper, aluminium, brass, metal, wood, pipelines, bridges, concrete, stone, masonry, fireplaces (fireplace) and glass.

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